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Project: Repairing an Antique Quilt
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This quilt was a thrift store or yard sale find several years ago. It was tattered in places, and some of the fabrics had disintegrated over the years. But the backing was in good shape, as was the sashing and over half of the blocks, so it was a good candidate for repair.

I spent about 100 recliner-hours appliqueing new material to the disintegrated patches, often replacing the underlying batting at the same time. I have finished repairing the blocks and am now replacing the binding.

The original quilt had the red floral backing folded over to the front as a binding. I found a similar fabric and made the bias tape, which is one of my favorite odd skills. It has been machine sewed to the front, and now I am spending more recliner-hours hand sewing it down on the back side.

Photos of the finished project will be posted when it is actually finished!