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GEOGRAPHY COURSES offered by Cheryl D. Warren, Ph.D.

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Earth Science Links

This is a work in progress. Please email me if you know of any good web sites that I could add.


National Weather Service

National Climate Data Center

Birth of a Hurricane, from MSNBC

NC Ozone Forecast Center


USGS: Water Resources of the United States

ICE AGES, from the Illinois State Museum


US Geologic Survey

USGS: Geology

USGS: This Dynamic Earth, The Story of Plate Tectonics

USGS: National Earthquake Information Center. This includes global earthquake maps and data.

The Twelve Soil Orders


Major Biomes of the World

Introduction to Biomes

Both of the links above are from the Virtual Geography Project.

"This module is part of the Virtual Geography Department Project and has been prepared for the Physical Geography Working Group of the Project. These materials may be used for study, research, and education, but please credit the author and source: Susan L. Woodward, The Virtual Geography Department Project and the Department of Geography, Radford University. "

USGS: National Biological Information Infrastructure

MAPPING, including GIS and GPS

USGS: National Mapping Information

Gateway to GIS Resources


National Atlas of the United States

National Imagery and Mapping Agency



Globe Xplorer

GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE, including climate change

USGS Global Change Research Program


North Carolina Department of Environment, Health and Natural Resources



Earth and Moon Viewer

Build a Solar System