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Time in Place, Place in Time: How History Connects People to Place in Hillsborough, NC

Who is the researcher?
Who is the researcher?

Cheryl Warren
Native of Baltimore, grew up in Ohio
Resident of Hillsborough for 19 years
Wife of Bob Warren, Hillsborough native
Daughter-in-law of Helen Warren and the late Bill Warren
Mother of Emily and Aurora Tiffany-Davis

B.A. in geography, Wright State Univeristy, 1973
M.A. in geography, Miami University, 1978

Ph.D. in geography, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

I have recently retired from a lifetime of teaching in colleges and universities.

All geographers have one big problem---describing to other people exactly what it is that geographers do. Here's a short explanation.

Most people think of maps when they think of geography, and that is a good way to begin. Geographers are fascinated by places, and by the relationships among places. Much of what we do can be explained by creating maps. The branch of geography that creates maps is cartography.

Some geographers study the physical environment. At UNC we have researchers who are studying climate and environmental changes around the world.

Other geographers study people and their patterns of activity. For example, medical geographers study environmental aspects of disease, and they also analyze the locations of hospitals and clinics.

This study falls within humanistic geography. This is a field of geography that is interested in the relationship between people and places.

There are many, many branches of geography. All of them share an interest in the characteristics of places.

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