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UPDATE: Beginning in mid-July, 2008 I will be taking an online class in the use of the quilting software Electric Quilt 6. I'm hoping this will help me solve two design problems that have me bogged down right now on this quilt:
*how to divide a ring in 39 equal sections (I was planning to either cheat and go for 36 sections, or just start piecing and hope for the best and fudge it out later)
*how to add the steps up to the Stargate. (my best plan so far was to omit the steps and just go for the gate-floating-in-space form that we saw in a few episodes)

Whatever happens in the online class, this IS the next project for me.

No photos yet.


Patty and Len have been married for a couple of years now, but I still have not finished the Stargate quilt I plan to make to honor their wedding.


Brenda helped me create the 'cartoon' (a full sized freezer-paper template for the gate).  I wish we had taken pictures of this process, which involved taping lots of freezer paper together on the floor, rigging up a compass to draw the circle, and resurrecting everything we ever learned in high school geometry to get the placement of the chevrons correct.


I have begun piecing the quilt, and I asked Patty if she wanted to see pictures as it was created, or wait until it was completed (to be surprised). She voted for surprise, so no photos until the end!