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Disclaimer:  Don't you just hate it when stuff you like gets changed?  Well, Tripod has "improved" its website builder, and the nifty template with the spools of thread is now gone.  Other stuff is different, too, and I'm not very happy about it.  But I have had this website for about 15 years now and I guess I will just have to get over it!

While I am getting on with getting over it, please realize that the page layouts you see here were designed around the nifty spools-of-thread template and so they have problems.  And the next time I have 10 hours with nothing better to do I am going to dig and and re-do and update all of these pages.

regards, Cheryl, April 2010

Want to know what I am doing in the studio? Or why it takes me years to complete quilts? Visit my blog

DragonPoodle Studio Blog

In May of 2008 I retired and now have time to spend in the studio.  Over the last 35 years I have collected some wonderful textiles and equipment from various thrift shops, and I plan to spend my retirement playing with this stuff.

The space is still a bit funky, but functionally this is the studio of my dreams.


Click on the picture to see the latest photo album:  Deconstruction 

Click on the picture of the dress to read about current and future garment projects.